Oman heavily relies on expatriate labor, and our services encompass the recruitment of foreign workers for a wide range of roles, from menial and physical jobs to managerial positions. However, in alignment with Oman's "Omanization" policy, which aims to integrate local Omanis into the workforce, we are actively involved in recruiting both local and foreign workers based on the specific requirements.
Our dedicated representatives in Oman work tirelessly to provide comprehensive manpower solutions. Since Oman's accession to the International Labor Organization in 1994, they are obligated to adhere to international standards encompassing various aspects of the labor force. We assist in streamlining their efforts by sourcing the best candidates to support their flourishing industries.
We recruit both male and female workers, who have played pivotal roles in the construction of iconic structures such as the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Al Alam Palace, Bahla Fort, and more throughout the years. Presently, Omani authorities are committed to enhancing working conditions, evident in the new labor code that raises the minimum wage range for workers. Leveraging the evolving work environment in Oman, we continue to supply them with the workforce they require.
In response to the decreasing demand for foreign workers in Oman, our focus has shifted towards recruiting workers from within the nation. Our expert recruitment team excels at matching the right candidates to the thriving industries in Oman, particularly in the prominent sectors of Oil and Gas, agriculture, and fishing. We cater to both local and foreign worker needs in these industries.
Our training programs have proven to be highly beneficial for workers. Through these programs, we equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to perform their duties flawlessly. They carry our reputation forward, contributing to the growing recognition of Futurism Global Solution Limited, both at home and abroad.